• Chad McCoy, M.A., LPC

The Treatment of OCD amidst COVID-19

Unless you have been living under a rock, without your cell phone, and no other human contact, you’ve probably heard of COVID-19 or otherwise known as Coronavirus. Individuals who suffer from contamination fear obsessive compulsive disorder are inherently more vulnerable to fears related to sickness, illness, and death that may result from contagions. These fears may be realistic in some forms, and magical in others. Irrational or otherwise, we should aim, as health care providers, to not exacerbate these fears with our clients while still not recklessly increasing their risk of contracting any serious threat to their health. So before all of my contamination fear OCD clients give me the “I told you so,” speech, I’d like to take a moment and address it.

The first point is acknowledging their concerns and tempering them with reality. Yes, there are some diseases and illness that we should want to protect ourselves against. This is the thread of truth that lies within the maelstrom of deceit in OCD. This is why you would never see me utilizi