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Hi! Some of you may already know me, but for those of you who don't, my name is Chad McCoy. I'm a licensed professional counselor, curator of this website, father to a wonderful, rambunctious three-year old, and husband to what is most likely a saint.

I've been a therapist in Edmond for the past six years. Since the very conception of this career, I have always known that I would like to help people overcome that which ails them, and help them find meaning and purpose in their lives. Along the way I've found a few of my own purposes.

Early in my career I gravitated towards the treatment of OCD and related behaviors. The application of exposure therapy with response prevention came fairly naturally to me and seeing the change people can make with a little bit of encouragement and sticktuitiveness hooked me. I had a great mentor in Dr. Caleb Lack through my graduate career that sparked my interest in the treatment of OCD. I've been fortunate to have been surrounded by many great therapists and mentors in my early stages of development. My supervisors at Edmond Family Counseling, John Goetz and Jackie Shaw, were therapists second to none, and gave me great insight and tools to help work with even the most trying clinical presentations. I am fortunate to have been able to surround myself with great colleagues and peers who are as passionate as I am in helping those in need.

At this time, I'm currently Assistant Director and Practicum Coordinator for Edmond Family Counseling, as well as a state licensed supervisor for candidates in licensure. It is my aim to do the most good for those I can, when I can. The various roles and positions I have been fortunate enough to hold, have allowed me to do just that, but I kept thinking there was something else I could invest in spread that help a little more.

I revamped my website, condense the information, and decided to start this blog to help anyone that may be looking for it. Whether you're another professional looking for a little light reading between clients, or someone searching for a professional to lend you a hand, I hope that you have find my website helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at or call my business at 405-513-0282.

Thanks, and I hope you visit again soon!

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